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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan, also famously known as Rakhi, is a festival, celebrated the whole nationwide, as well all across the world, where Indians reside. It spreads a huge sense of love and satisfaction to the siblings as well as spreads compassion and togatherness in the family it self. It strengthen the ever lasting eternal bond between the brother and sisters and reaffirms the unity among them. This famous festival, usually is celebrated in the manner, where the sister ties a rakhi thread on the brother’s right wrist, along with the good wishes and prayers to protect her brother from all evil things or misfortune.

The festival generally falls in the month of august (during the Hindu month of Shravan) on Sud Purnima day and is also considered an auspicious festival and an occasion to express our gratitude. It marks one of the significant festivals in India and the celebration differes from region to region. The tying of thread also symbolizes the "bond of protection" between the brother and the sister and ward of the evils, as well as the misfortune surrounding them. Every one from the president of the country to the common person celebrates this festival with lot of oomph and spreads the brotherhood among each other, even to the person whom they do not share any family relation.  Such festivals actually creates a strong bondings between the people and gives them the opportunity to throw away their differences as well as to forget about the sour moments which might have happend in the past, and join this joyfull occasion.

It echoes the human emotions of the people and adds the assurance and strengthens the bond between the brother and sister even more than it was ever before, as well as gives them the prosperity, cheerfull relationship. The Raksha Bandhan unites even the common person and every one across the world and has a special liking for this festival.

All the festivals in India are unique in their own ways. This festival is also unique in its own way. It breaks different boundaries, barriers, sections as well as caste of the people, and brings every one togather like no other festival, which solely biased to the religious groups and their offerings. In this festival, you can even exchange gifts and sweets among your family as well as the neighbors around you and to the relatives as well. Different kind of Rakhdi / Rakhis are available in the market with different designs and shapes to suit the hands and personality of your brother as well as presenting it to any one else who you feel like your brother. Overall, this festival bags up much attention as well as is celebrated nationwide with no religion, caste or any such differences.