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Types of Rakhdi Gifts

RAKHDI Festival (Raksha Bandhan) is a nationwide celebrated and one of the most auspicious festivals in India. It spreads in huge amount of feelings of love, affection and caring to the siblings as well as it spreads family unity and other good messages in the society itself. Rakhdi - Rakhi is celebrated by tying a holy thread (Rakhdi / Rakhi) on brother’s right wrist by the sister with wishes of good luck, prosperity as well as his protection from the evil things, and to strengthen the family bonding between the two. Different kinds of styles and designs are available in the market.
There are Rudrksha Rakhi, Aum Rakhi, Rich metel like, Silver Rakhi, Gold Rakhi, Pearl Rakhi, Kids Rakhi like Ben10, Micky Mouse, and other cartoon rakhdis, funny characters engraved in it, loved by the kids are also available in the market now a days. The main essential material found in the Rakhi / Rakhdi, which is used to tie the thread to the beloved brother is that the thread consist of assorted array of beads mainly done and portrayed in it after performing family rituals. The materials embedded in the traditional rakhi are feather fibers / silk type material, decorated with some glitters like pearl or diamonds. The sister selects such a Rakhdi / Rakhi which would add a beauty to the thread, and much needed glamour to the brother as the he is going to wear for a longer period, generally untill it automatically comes off.

These rituals of Raksha Bandhan, are also termed to mark the promise from the brother to the sister for her protection and happiness in the life. The sweets are also offered during the rituals of this lovely festival, which actually spreads the sweet moments within the relationship of a brother and the sister.